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Themes and Topics

Themes and topics are needed for the authors to submit a paper. A paper is submitted in a given topic and themes are general grouping of the topics. For example, in a typical computer aided process engineering conference, you could get 3 themes and 7 topics as follow:

  • Theme 1: Modelling, Design and Control
    • Topic 1-1: Process-product Synthesis, Design and Integration
    • Topic 1-2: Modelling, Numerical analysis, Simulation and Optimization
    • Topic 1-3: Process Operations and Control
  • Theme 2: Bioprocesses and Earth
    • Topic 2-1: Green Bioprocess Engineering and Advances in Biomedical Engineering
    • Topic 2-2: CAPE/PSE in Environmental Engineering
    • Topic 2-3: CAPE/PSE in Sustainable Energy Applications
  • Theme 3: Society
    • Topic 3-1: Education in CAPE/PSE

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