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Features of ConfOrganizer

ConfOrganizer Dashboard

ConfOrganizer is tailored for scientific and medical conferences but can be configured for other types of conferences.

Scientific and medical conferences are composed of multiple themes and topics and authors can submit one or more abstracts in a given topic. The abstract is then reviewed and accepted or not as oral or poster presentation.

Here is a partial list of the features:

  • Author/Attendee registration. The authors and attendees register to submit an abstract or register to the conference. You can export the full list of registered person as a nice Excel file if you need.

  • Abstract submission. The authors can easily submit an abstract including LaTeX equations and greek characters:

    LaTeX equations

    Each abstract is available as high quality pdf and can be downloaded by the authors to check if the rendering is correct.

    Easy downlaod as pdf of the abstract

    The abstract is created using LaTeX ensuring the best printing output quality. You can download an example of abstract to see the quality.

  • Review system. The review system allows you to assign abstracts to be reviewed. In a few click you can dispatch the reviews to be done. For the reviewers, it is really simple to see the status of each review.

  • Mailing lists. You can easily send personalized emails to the authors, attendees based on criteria like if they are presenting authors, corresponding authors, etc. You can easily include the list of abstracts and the acceptation in the emails together with personalized title like Dear Dr Mike Intosh. Everything is extracted from the database automatically.

  • Invitation letters as pdf. Can you remember the last time you add to create, print and sign more than 200 letters of acceptance for the visa applications? In a few clicks you can create invitation letters templates which can be in the language of your choice. When an author request an invitation letter, you can easily validate the request, customize the content of the letter (for example to add the name of the accompanying person) and reject the request. When validated the invitation letter is available as pdf file for the author.

  • No pain session management. Create your tracks, then add your sessions (which can be oral, poster or social event) and your program is automatically generated. You can create multitrack sessions like for the coffee breaks.

    If you create a poster presentation, the poster slot is automatically assigned to the abstracts based on the available slots in the session room.

    Poster Slot

    In the case of oral presentation, in one click you can change a presentation length or reorder them. For example in the screenshot below, the first presentation is of 30 minutes where the following ones are of 15 minutes. The default length is set when creating the session.

    Presentation ordering/length

    When you add an abstract to a session, you see who is presenting but also if this abstract is creating a conflict, for example if the presenting author is presenting at the same time in another room or if he is session chair of another session. If the session chair is presenting in the session he his chair, it will not create a conflict.

    Automatic detection of time conflict

  • Information pages. You can easily create information pages with a simple graphical editor. You can set the pages to be viewed only by the reviewers, theme coordinators, administrators or signed in persons.

  • Easy Registration with online payment. With just a few clicks you can configure several payment methods and allow the conference attendees to pay by card, cheque or money transfer.

    Online/Offline payment methods

  • Book of abstract. With just one click, you get your full book of abstract template generated for you as a pdf ready for printing. You also get the complete LaTeX source to adapt it to your needs.

    The book of abstract includes keywords and authors indexes and nicely handles authors with the same names.

    Automatic generation of your book of abstracts in pdf (latex)

    If you use Microsoft Word as submission format, the system provides you Excel tables with the manuscript information to easily build your own book of abstracts.

  • Management of the conference rooms with automatic slot allocation for the poster presentations.

  • Multi themes, topics and tracks.
  • Easily support 1000s of authors.
  • Multi-level right management.
  • Full support of non latin languages.

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